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How Do I Find A Good Piano Teacher?

Wednesday, September 7, 2022 by Elena Papavero | Lessons

How Do I Find A Good Piano Teacher?

The student/teacher relationship is special. Finding the right teacher makes all the difference in progress and enjoyment. Here are some tips on making your choice.

What Are Your Goals?

Each student has unique experience and needs. 

Are you a beginner? Perhaps you’re looking to improve your skills?

Clarify your objectives and write them down. 

Different Learners, Different Styles

A good piano teacher tailors a personalized curriculum depending on the student’s goals, commitment and learning style.

If the learner is a beginner, find a piano teacher with an understanding of elementary piano pedagogy. The instructor will use creative games and activities, while also providing rigorous and engaging lessons.

For beginners, the music style favored by the teacher is of less importance; this is the time that the fundamentals are instilled. However, ask the teacher what their favored style is. Do they favor Classical, Jazz or Pop? Matching your interests to their preference can ensure that you will be exposed to the music history and artists that will inspire you to progress and fully enjoy your learning experience.

Online or Virtual Lessons?

I strongly prefer in-person lessons for beginners. This is the time when posture, hand position and other technique learnings are best accomplished through proximate demonstration and manipulation. I have succeeded with virtual lessons for more advanced study. But in my experience, in-person instruction remains superior.

Look for a Piano Instructor

You will find instructors using Google And Facebook searches. You can also ask for referrals from local piano stores.

Ask questions about the instructor’s teaching style. Assess your comfort level with the teacher.

It’s important for both student and teacher to determine that they are a good fit. Schedule a consultation lesson before you make a long-term commitment. You can see the teacher in action and discuss your goals and expectations.

If your personalities work well together and the teacher understands and can help you meet your goals, your decision is made!