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Lesson Readiness Checklist for Young Children

Sunday, February 25, 2024 by Elena Papavero | Lesson Readiness


All children, no matter what their age, are ready for some music exposure. As infants, singing lullabies, playing music movement games and enjoying call-response sing-alongs are among the ways that your infant and toddler can begin to enjoy music with you. Being active with music will encourage your child to be actively involved with music later.

Not all preschool children are ready for piano lessons. Typically, children who are 4 years old are ready for lessons, while children who are 3½ years old may or may not be ready.

 If you and your child meet at least 8 of the criteria listed, then your child is most likely ready for piano lessons, will enjoy them and have great success!

If your child is not ready, remember that it is much better to wait and have a good experience later than try to rush things and have a bad musical experience.


□ Can your child count to 20?

□ Can your child recite the alphabet?

□ Can your child use a pair of scissors?

□ Does your child mostly color within the lines?

□ Can your child sit still for 10 minutes at a time?

□ Does your child’s hand measure 2¼ inches across the large knuckles?

□ Do you have an adjustable bench so that the child can sit with forearms parallel to the keyboard?

□ Has your child asked for piano or music lessons? If so, for how long?

□ Does your child pretend to play piano on objects like tables and sofa arms?

□ Does your child respond to music by dancing or singing with it?

□ Have other teachers remarked about your child’s musical interest and/or ability?

□ Are you ready to practice with your child for 20-30 minutes each day? Preschool children need adult guidance to help them practice. It isn’t until around age 8 that children can be trusted to practice their lesson assignment on their own.

□ Are you ready to commit to the costs of lessons, both in money and in time? Without your support, piano lessons are doomed.